The State Fair of Texas

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The State Fair of Texas


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On Wednesday, October 11 we went to the State Fair of Texas in Dallas.

I’m writing this in January but I still remember this day so good. My hostmother, her sister, her two exchange students and I decided to take a day off school so that we could be able to go to the state fair in dallas. My hostmother likes to call it a “mental health day” and I think this expression is just too good because I really needed this day. It was in the middle of football season and I had practice on Monday, Tuesday and Thursday and on Friday I didn’t come back from school until 11:00 PM because of the football games we had there. This time was one of the most exhausting ones I had here so far but looking back also one of the best ones!
Anyways, we went to the State Fair and I promise you I’ve never seen so much fried food before in my life. I guess that’s just a Texas thing. Talking about “Texas things”: have you ever seen a pig race? no? Well, I did on that day! :D The pictures probably say more than 1000 words and I can say that it really was a nice thing to do and I would’ve regret it if we wouldn’t have done it.


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