Thanksgiving and Black Friday

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Thanksgiving and Black Friday

It’s already been a while but in November we celebrated Thanksgiving! I just found this little blog entry that I wrote but never posted and I did not want to withhold it from you guys so here it is:

Since it was Thinksgiving I had the whole week off of school. I have to admit I really like this holiday. It it so friendly, everyone comes home to spend the time together.
On Thanksgiving Day my hostparents and I went to the house of my hostmom‘s sister. She has two exchange students, too. It was really fun, we ate the typical thanksgiving meal: Fried and smoked turkey, mashed patatos, sweet patatos, green beans, bread, salad and pumpkin and pecan pie for dessert.
Since the two exchange students of the sister of my hostmom (my hostcousins?) and I turned into really good friends, we decided to stay the night at our house. So we went there and later another exchange student came over, too. Our sleepover also turned into a little party. We had a lot of fun and the next morning our alarm rang at 5:00 AM so we could be at the mall on time to go Black Friday Shopping! 9 hours later our bags were full and our wallets empty. I hope my dad didn’t read this far he won’t be happy :D


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Standing up one hour ealier at 4.00 AM. That's the chance to work a little bit longer to pay that stuff. ;-)
Change the heading: Happy Girls with Shopping Bags.....
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