My trip to Dallas

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My trip to Dallas


In den USA

Today my hostmother, her twinsister, her two exchange student and I went to dallas for the first time.

We actually just drove trough downtown and looked at everything, but it was really impressive seeing all the skyscrapers and the street structure. I‘ve never been to a big city like that in my life before. As you probably know we don‘t really have skyscrapers in germany, except for frankfurt. We also drove trough the place where John F. Kennedy was shoot and saw many tourists there. Anyways, the pictures will probably say more than a thousand words. On wednesday we will go to Dallas again to go to the State Fair of Texas, so be prepared for a blogpost about that, too!


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(Aktualisiert: 19 Oktober 2017)
.... experience from the city of Dallas. Thanks darling.
I'm addicted to your Blog and want to read much more blog posts ;-)
Let's chat next weekend.
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